Dr. Susanne Cappendijk

Dr. Susanne Cappendijk is known as a broad, strategic, creative, and visionary thinker. She poses questions in the context of the “big picture” and what the potential impact may be on the entire organization or system, and not just in the context of her own personal situation. Susanne is a talented neuroscientist with in-depth expertise in pharmacology. She is an entrepreneur and consultant on innovative healthcare and life science commercialization projects, and a seasoned strategic financial leader in a successful, private software company, Genivia, Inc.

This unique and diverse skillset, combined with Susanne’s can-do, make-it-happen-now attitude, takes her well beyond normal professional activities to a true excellence level. These skills are exemplified by her community leadership with various business incubators and non-profit organizations. Susanne’s deep passion for science and business building leadership drove her to design innovative STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics) curricula infused with principles of Art, STEAM.

In April 2017, Susanne founded EDsnaps Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization that offers real-life learning expeditions to underserved female identifying students in order to increase diversity in the STEM Workforce. Susanne’s foundation currently operates in the Bronx, NY. EDsnaps creates meaningful and valuable personal stories for each student; resulting in raised Holistic Review Profiles for postsecondary college, vocational training, and other career opportunities.

Susanne holds a BS in Biology, Utrecht University, a PhD in Pharmacology, Erasmus Medical University in Rotterdam. She also received an MBA from Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida.