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Shane Curran, Ireland, 19

Project: Evervault

Basic Human Needs: Education, Safety

After reading constant headlines about data leaks, technology hacks and privacy issues in the news, Shane became interested in the seemingly insurmountable challenge of protecting personal data. He began a self-led crash course in cryptography and cybersecurity which led him to develop a software ecosystem to protect people’s information. The software uses unprecedented programming that is unbreakable by the most advanced computers and attempts at data breaches. This topical solution sparked great interest from academic circles, and Shane won the 2017 BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition, a national science fair in Ireland. To make his technology accessible to commercial organizations striving for customer information security, Shane formed a company called Evervault. His software is already being used by hundreds of organizations worldwide, including a number of well-known global brands. Shane is a vociferous champion of the individual’s right to privacy, also working to raise awareness on the security issues facing Internet-based companies. He drives organizations to re-approach security problems and to grant total control of personal data to the individual. Shane’s goal over the next decade is to make data leaks a thing of the past. As in Evervault’s company mission statement, he hopes to “make data privacy simple and accessible for all.”