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Neiman Mathew United States, 18

Project: Hex Lab
Basic Human Needs: Environment, Health

In his previous startup called Got It, Neiman created a low-cost RFID chip that would revolutionize the way we shop. When a venture capitalist offered to fully fund his invention, Neiman declined the deal because he knew no amount of money would be worth the thousands of jobs that would be lost due to implementing his technology. He stepped down from Got It and began using his skills to create projects that would make a positive impact on the world. He established Hex Lab, a research and development company that creates solutions for environmental and health problems affecting people across the globe. Hex Lab is currently building prototypes for solar panels that can replace fossil fuels and power an entire home or building for 100 years for approximately $100 USD. In the health sector, Hex Lab has produced two nano materials that can be used for detection of multiple chronic and degenerative diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and diabetes, before they manifest. With adequate resources, Neiman hopes to conduct clinical trials on Hex Lab’s health innovations throughout next year. His work has the potential to have substantial impact on the medical world, and a long-term energy solution.