Nancy Aburi

Nancy has 20 years of experience building strategic partnerships for Social Impact! Her career spans multiple cultural and geographic settings from Africa, to Europe and the Americas as well as causes from Children’s Issues, Poverty, Gender Equality to Refugees!

She is currently Head of New Partnerships at the UN Refugee Agency- UNHCR where she is responsible for identifying, negotiating and shaping partnerships with the private sector in support of Refugees. Such partnerships (such as UNHCR’s partnerships with IKEA, Facebook, Google, Vodafone, Western Union, SAP, Uniqlo and others)   include fundraising, sponsorship and strategic partnerships that addresses Refugees needs. She has recently worked on two Refugee Coding Initiatives for Syrian refugees in Jordan that brought together players from private sector and can’t wait to contribute to a similar initiative for Refugees now resettled in the US!

Nancy is currently passionate about Leading with Kindness- a leadership concept she believes is especially critical for Social Impact oriented ventures.