Max Loughan USA, 14

project: Loughan Labs & Energy Horizon Gatherer
basic human NEEDS: Education, Environment, Food, Health, Safety, Shelter, Water

Theme Song: "History of Everything", Big Bang Theory theme song

From a young age, Max knew his purpose was to use his passion for science to invent a better future. At the age of 13, Max and his brother founded Loughan Labs as a platform to create social change through innovation. As CEO and Lead Inventor of Loughan Labs, Max developed the Energy Horizon Gatherer (EHG), a cost-efficient, renewable and wireless power source. With a budget of only fourteen dollars, he developed a unique way to garner electricity from naturally occurring energy. By giving light worldwide to people who need it, Max aims to increase their safety, literacy and ability to perform essential activities that many people take for granted. Along with numerous speaking engagements in the U.S., Max has been invited to speak in four countries and judge the prestigious World Science Festival Brisbane.

Through his social media platforms, Max has educated more than 10 million individuals, many of them thanking him for the inspiration to make their own positive impact on the world. In partnership with various philanthropic organizations, Max is working to provide EHG worldwide, with the goal of reaching the more than 68 million displaced individuals who lack the light they need to survive. In the future, Max plans to grow Loughan Labs into a leading incubator for innovations that positively influence the world through technology.