Loren Skudder-Hill NEW ZEALAND, 18

project: Ukuda
basic human NEEDS: Education, Environment, Food, Health, Safety, Shelter, Water

Theme Song: “Schnappi das Kleine Krokodil”

Five years ago, Loren approached a member of Parliament with a potential solution addressing New Zealand’s environmental issue of plastic bags. She was quickly rushed out and discouraged from straying away from “normal” kid activities. Believing that young people have voices worth hearing, Loren founded Ukuda. Ukuda inspires current and future leaders to work together to ensure a diverse range of perspectives are represented during decision-making processes. Through conferences with key decision-makers from young to old, Ukuda fosters collaboration among all generations. Their mentoring initiative also provides young people access to strong leaders, as well as the skills and guidance to become leaders in their own right.

To further foster a generation of social influencers, Ukuda’s Ukaptains Programme provides young talent with leadership positions to make a difference in grassroots movements, and their inaugural Ukudos Award celebrates individuals and groups making international change. With more than 40,000 young people in their programs, Ukuda has placed close to 1,000 of those talented young people in influential leadership roles. Partnering with organizations such as UN Women and Amnesty International, Ukuda’s Strategy team has plans for global expansion this year.