Liz Vogel

Liz Vogel is the Los Angeles Executive Director for Facing History and Ourselves, a global nonprofit that combats bigotry and hatred through education. With a network of almost 50,000 educators who reach 5.3 million students around the world each year, Facing History equips teachers and students with tools to wrestle with today’s most challenging issues, using the lens of history to illuminate the moral decisions young people face in their day-to-day lives.

Liz joined Facing History shortly after college in 2001, starting in San Francisco as a fundraiser with a background in event planning. As Executive Director, she leads the Los Angeles team as they support teachers in 600 middle and high schools across Southern California, reaching over 300,000 students each year. Liz helped to establish the Los Angeles Partnership Schools Network, a group of middle and high schools that work closely with Facing History to create safe and inclusive school communities. Under her leadership, the network has grown from 5 to 26 schools, including public, charter, religious and independent schools across LA. Liz’s vision is to create a Facing History pathway through middle and high school, giving every student in Los Angeles multiple touch-points to link their learning to their lives, and to deeply consider the role they can play in shaping our future.

Liz graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. in Women's Studies/History from Pomona College. She served as a volunteer with the San Francisco Court-Appointed Special Advocate program for over a decade, working on behalf of children in foster care. Liz hails from the Jersey Shore but claims fierce allegiance to her California lifestyle.