Lesley Onstott

Lesley is the Director of Vibrotextiles at Not Impossible Labs (NIL), where she oversees the development and implementation of all projects that utilize NIL's proprietary vibrotactile technology. The applications of this technology range from inclusivity for the deaf at live music events to mitigating motor symptoms caused by neurodegenerative disorders. 

Lesley simultaneously serves as the chief content producer for the Vibrotextiles group, weaving together stories of the technology's development, the people involved, and the resulting impact. The intersection of technological innovation and story have been constant threads throughout her career. She began as photojournalist and filmmaker and continued on to create and develop a myriad of projects anchored in increasing accessibility across disciplines.  Lesley's most recent endeavors include developing conscious consumerism in 'tweens and providing easy access to all creators sourcing upcycled materials. Through it all, she ensures authentic co-collaboration with the communities who inspire the ingenuity.