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Kris Brown

As President of the Brady Campaign & Center to Prevent Gun Violence, Kris combines a lifelong background in policy and grassroots activism with considerable strategic management expertise to help forge the direction of the organization’s campaigns and ensure the successful impact of its national and field assets. A veteran of gun violence prevention work, Ms. Brown started her career on Capitol Hill working for Rep. Jim Moran, advocating for the bill that would eventually become the groundbreaking Brady Act requiring background checks on federally licensed gun sales. At Brady, she has helped shape the conversation on gun violence as a national healthcare crisis, and she is particularly proud of Brady’s “Team ENOUGH” youth initiative that emerged from the Parkland high school massacre. A noted speaker and media commentator on gun violence, Ms. Brown was most recently featured in the November 2018 TIME magazine cover article, “Guns in America,” in which she noted that Brady is working to move the discussion on gun violence beyond the polarizing politics in American life. “There’s a huge amount of common ground on this issue in this country and I hope we’re finally at a tipping point where we can move forward with legislation and [programs] that actually protect people, and are entirely consistent with the Second Amendment.” Ms. Brown grew up in Arlington, VA, where she still resides with her two teenage daughters.