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Joshua Borokinni, Nigeria, 19

Project: Acutus

Basic Human Needs: Health, Safety, Shelter

In the summer of 2016, Joshua lost a close friend in a flood in Kaduna state, Nigeria. As a result this devastating loss, Joshua became motivated to learn more about climate change as a significant factor in floods and natural disasters. After much research, that same year, Joshua launched an 18-month campaign called SafeClimate4Africa. The campaign spanned 10 African countries, engaged over 8,000 people on social media and sparked many citizens across the continent to take action. Inspired to fight additional consequences of climate change, Joshua created Acutus to address the increase in diseases spread by mosquitoes. Acutus is a social enterprise that produces affordable rodent repellents, with the goal of greatly reducing malaria and Lassa fever in West Africa. The Acutus repellent uses ultrasonic sound in combination with the compound picaridin to effectively ward off mosquitoes. In August 2018, Joshua was awarded the United Nations Academic Impact and Millennium Fellowship at the University of Benin, where he led the first cohort of millennial fellows as the Campus Director. In October 2018, Joshua presented his work, alongside former President Bill Clinton, at the University of Chicago to over 2,000 students, policymakers and changemakers in the environmental sector. Joshua hopes to ultimately eliminate all harmful effects of climate change and leave the next generation with a planet that they will be proud to call their own.