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Jon McDunn

Trained as a bioanalytical chemist (BS, Caltech) and inflammation biologist (PhD, Scripps Research Institute), Jon has developed and launched products for Incyte Genomics and Metabolon, and invented core technologies that are being developed at Accuronix and Clinical Sensors. Jon has worked alongside clinicians to better understand critical illness, metabolic disease, chronic wounds, and cancer biology. Jon has a passion for bringing chemists and engineers together to work on problems in human health. His work has focused on developing tools that are minimally invasive and easy to use while providing high quality information to aid clinical management. Jon advises several emerging biotech companies, including: MoyoMedical – focused on diagnosing pre-eclampsia in sub-Saharan Africa, Intero Life Sciences – focused on building an integrated biosurveillance IT platform for public health officials, and Juno Metabolomics – focused on developing devices to improve triage decisions in the Emergency Department. In his spare time, Jon volunteers with extracurricular STEM enrichment programs in the state of North Carolina.