Jacob Russo 

Jacob is the co-founder of NexLoop, a biomimetic design and technology company building water capture systems inspired by nature. Jacob received a B. Arch from the Carnegie Mellon University School of Architecture in 2014 and a MSc. Integrative Technologies and Architectural Design Research (ITECH) from the University of Stuttgart in 2018. Jacob's work focuses on biomimetic architecture, urban agriculture, and green infrastructure, in conjunction with computational design and digital fabrication. He strives to collaborate on innovative, multidisciplinary design projects related to food, water, and energy systems, as well as storm preparedness and urban resiliency. Jacob's research at the University of Stuttgart included the integrative design and construction of adaptable lightweight structures, biologically-inspired building processes, novel material systems, and robotic fabrication methods. His master's thesis was entitled "Integrated Architectural Water Systems: A 3D printed and textile hybrid water capture, transport, and storage strategy for urban building envelopes." The research aim was to develop a building envelope design that combines multiple functions related to in-situ water management to establish an integrated and resilient approach for urban architectural water systems. This was done through a hybridized approach combining an existing state of the art 3D woven water capture textile with multifunctional, small-scale DLP 3D printed structures. Jacob was born and raised in New York City and is currently developing NexLoop as a business based in Brooklyn, NY.