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Godwin Egba NIGERIA, 19

Project: Defining True Leadership (DTL)
Basic Human Needs: Education

When Godwin left Calabar to attend school in Ofat, Nigeria, he was shocked at the poor conditions and lack of educational resources in Ofat. The students were not motivated nor supported to perform well, and most were involved with gangs and drugs. Godwin found himself joining in dangerous activities just to fit in, however when he graduated, he changed his behavior and moved on to a better path. Inspired to encourage others to do the same, he created Defining True Leadership (DTL). DTL is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to equip and engage young people with tools to be academically successful and to graduate. DTL holds educational seminars and workshops on how to achieve academic success, leads study groups, and connects students to mentors. DTL trains students how to study effectively and works to ingrain a stronger foundation for academic performance in the students’ surrounding environment and culture. They have built four libraries in schools and the community for public use, and have developed a software technology that gives students access to educational resources. Working with Information Communication Technology experts, DTL has installed its software in four schools. Since many students cannot afford a higher education, DTL works with partners to award scholarship opportunities to students with academic excellence. DTL has reached more than 12,000 Nigerian students with their programs and awareness campaigns. Godwin aims to engage teenagers throughout the continent of Africa, opening their eyes to the importance of education.