Drin Krasniqi KOSOVO, 17

basic human NEEDS: education

Theme Song: “Heal the World” by Michael Jackson

Growing up in Kosovo, Drin was troubled by the lack of green in his city and the cities surrounding Kosovo. He founded Sow Our Future to prevent deforestation and educate the next generation on the importance of doing so. Sow Our Future teaches elementary school children to plant seeds to increase the green areas in Kosovo, while promoting environmental awareness and engaging them in positive activities. Drin hopes his efforts help to create a generation of socially conscious citizens who are attracted to contributing to society instead of behaviors linked to drugs and violence. In the near future, Sow Our Future’s green spaces will foster community, provide safe space, encourage physical activity and cultivate trees and plants to improve the air quality.

It has brought together more than 1,000 students to create a better environment, and impacted more than 200,000 residents in the cities where the project takes place. In the coming year, there are plans to expand into more cities and involve more students in their work. Over the next few years, Drin is working to make seed-planting a mandatory component of elementary school education and spread Sow Our Future’s philosophy and programs throughout the entire Balkan region.