David Marshack

David Marshack David is Managing Director of RKF Engineering, responsible for business, corporate development and leadership for all company projects.  With more than 25 years of experience in telecommunications and emerging technology, David specializes in bridging technologists and executives. As a strategic advisor to an array of companies across the satellite, telecom and defense sectors, as well as the venture, banking and equity communities, David provides advice on U.S. and international matters to companies around the globe. David has been supporting Internet initiatives for 20 years with a special focus on Africa. He works with leading technology and satellite companies to provide Internet access to the uncovered throughout the world using technology from large Geostationary satellites to constellations of Low-Earth Orbit satellites to internet from airplanes and even balloons. As an inventor, David is responsible for over a dozen patents involved in space, satellites, and communications.  He and his wife, Robin, are alumni of Middlebury College.