David Marshack

Managing Director, RKF Engineering Solutions

David Marshack is an Entrepreneur, Engineer, and Inventor, who has spent most of his life trying to connect the world to the Internet.  His quest started at RoadRunner, where David was one of the first hired to help connect users to the first nationwide broadband service in the US.
After working with Private Equity firms and Venture Capitalists, where his vision grew and he learned to market on a global scale, David realized there were ways to connect the rest of the World.  So, in the early 2000s, he launched LeoTerra, a Global, satellite-based Internet startup, and patented the methods used to route Internet traffic in space (“Dynamic routing from space” US 8665777 B2).
David has been supporting connectivity, education and clean water initiatives in Africa for over 15 years.  He works with tech companies like Facebook and Google and satellite companies like Intelsat, SES and OneWeb to provide Internet access to the uncovered throughout the World.  At OneWeb, he is working with their founder to connect the 2 million unconnected schools in the world.  He has met with Minsters of Education, Prime Ministers and Presidents from Australia to Côte d’Ivoire, Mexico to Senegal, Indonesia to Europe and the UK. 
David runs RKF Engineering Solutions in Washington DC.  They help satellite and other broadband companies operate by developing custom software applications to maximize the coverage of the satellites.  He is also responsible for the team that represents Venture Capital and Private Equity investors in both business and technical diligence.
David and his wife, Robin, are alumni of Middlebury College and spend much of their time admiring the accomplishments of their daughter, Sasha!