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David Kobrosky USA, 18

Project: Skate 4 Africa Inc.
Basic Human Needs: Education, Environment

During a skate jam for David’s company, Easy Board Co., David met Jack from Uganda. Jack explained to David that a single skate park in his community had a significant positive impact on its young people. Having experienced firsthand the unity, sense of identity and purpose that skateboarding creates, David started Skate 4 Africa. Skate 4 Africa is a nonprofit organization that works with local organizations in Africa to build skate parks, distribute donated boards and engage underprivileged youth in purposeful activity. Skate 4 Africa recruits local young Africans to volunteer in their service projects and hires local workers to construct the parks, which in turn supports the local economies. After David’s first visit to Ethiopia, he witnessed firsthand that the parks were not only creating a recreational activity, but a safe community. In partnership with organizations like the Boys and Girls Club of America and BBYO Inc., David has reached an additional 1,600 teens in the U.S. who have attended his fundraising events and led more than 90 young volunteers. This year, Skate 4 Africa will build the first skateboard park in Zambia, and Ethiopia’s second park. By collaborating with local organizations in developing nations, David expects to establish ten more skate parks by 2020.