Conor Begley Ireland, 19

project: Quik Com 
basic human NEEDS: health

Theme Song: “I Won't Back Down” by Tom Petty

Conor grew up watching his Aunt Fiona suffer from severe cerebral palsy confined to a wheelchair, unable to speak verbally and relying on eye movements to communicate. Similar to Conor’s aunt, most physically challenged people have some type of system to communicate, but the systems are very basic and limited to the few who learn to use them. With his aunt’s feedback and guidance, Conor created Quick Com. Through voice synthesis, Quick Com uses those basic systems to open up the communication lines to everyone, using full sentences. Conor’s solution also makes it possible for physically handicapped individuals to interact with their environment. Capable of tasks such as turning on lights, using technology and reading e-books, they can lead happier and more independent lives. Unlike any other system, Quick Com has a wide array of sensors, so it is customizable to meet the needs of any physical condition.

Conor is developing a more advanced prototype that will facilitate additional hobbies and activities so users gain even more independence. Understanding the financial burden that exists with physical challenges, Conor has no intention of making profit from his work, and is providing systems at the cost of £200. He hopes to cut the price even further and set up the Fiona Foundation to give individuals Quick Com free of cost.