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Project: Bridge the Divide
Basic Human Needs: Education

When Clara met Joe at the Yale Young Global Scholars program, they engaged in tense political conversations due to their different upbringings. Discovering that tolerance and understanding on both sides led to more productive and enlightening conversations, they were inspired to create Bridge the Divide (BTD). BTD promotes conversations among youth that aim to unite students in a time of great divide in America and globally. Instead of perpetuating polarizing perspectives, BTD provides a platform for valuable conversations that lay the foundation for a more collaborative future. With 450+ youth website contributors and ambassadors from 30+ countries, BTD has helped people from diverse backgrounds, religious affiliations and political views to be respectful of other points of view. BTD’s Converge conference brings together political pioneers, entrepreneurs, activists, journalists and officials across the political spectrum with the goal of creating a broader and more profound mindset of political tolerance. In an official partnership with Facebook, Clara is collaborating with its civic engagement department to inspire more young people to be change agents. BTD is also launching a roundtable program that hosts experts from all political sides on Google Hangout to discuss social issues.