Ciara Judge, Ireland, GTL 2016

Upon hearing about famine in the Horn of Africa, Ciara was driven to further investigate the food crisis. Learning more about starvation motivated Ciara to find a solution before the problems become worse. She and two other team members discovered a bacterium called Rhizobium that can increase the germination rate by 50% and dry mass yield by up to 74% when inoculated into cereal crops. Rhizobium has the potential to greatly reduce global hunger, and reduce the need for fertilizers that harm the environment. Ciara and her team won national science fairs in their home country of Ireland, European regional titles and the Google Global Science Fair for their research. This gave Ciara a platform to promote their work and gain further access to resources that will move their research forward.

She travels throughout Europe, speaking at conferences that have included Thought For Food Global Convention in Lisbon, EU Innovation Convention in Brussels and WeDay UK in London. Everywhere she goes, Ciara encourages other young people to try and create their own solutions to global problems.