Brett Schilke

Director of Impact
Singularity University

Brett is the Director of Impact at Singularity University, leading initiatives that empower a community spanning 108 countries to tackle humanity’s grand challenges. He regularly speaks around the world on the future of learning, generational trends, and building communities of action.

Brett spent several years in international development as the head of an education and civil society NGO. He served as adjunct faculty in community impact at a private university in Russia and published research on the evolution of human psychology through periods of social change.

As co-founder & CEO of the educational development company IDEAco, Brett launched the City X Project, an innovation and problem solving curriculum for kids which is used in over 75 countries (and in space!). He has also designed future-focused learning experiences for GEMS Education, United States Congress, and the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education.

Along the way, Brett has made second homes in the middle of Siberia and in the mountains of Transylvania. (Yes, the former gets cold. No, the latter does not have vampires.) He is a mentor to the Three Dot Dash Global Teen Leader Program and loves to tell stories, feed people, and give far more high fives than he probably should.