Aryaman Khandelwal USA, 17

Project: Get2Greater
Basic Human Needs: Health

When Aryaman and his family visited Chikaldara, India in 2014, he witnessed people living in destitute conditions and children working to support their families. His perspective on the world was profoundly changed. Upon returning to the United States, Aryaman created Get2Greater, a system that addresses the lack of healthcare and access to professional medical assistance in developing countries. Get2Greater provides electronic tablets and a user-friendly app to volunteers on the ground so they can provide efficient treatment of health conditions where it’s needed most.  Aryaman’s solution provides medical assistance to more than 200,000 people in 30 different villages throughout India. Get2Greater makes it easy to record, store, analyze and distribute medical information in areas where malnutrition and illness are prevalent. In only 7 months, Get2Greater has responded to more than 2,000 medical requests. Aryaman is currently working on a proposal with the United Nations to expand Get2Greater worldwide. He hopes the app becomes the go-to solution for health care problems in developing countries around the globe.