Anurudh Ganesan, USA, GTL 2016

When Anurudh was an infant in South India, his grandmother carried him ten miles to be vaccinated at a remote clinic. And when they arrived, the outside temperature had risen too high for the vaccine to be effective. Anurudh's parents told him this story years later when they moved to the United States. As Anurudh conducted research about vaccinations, he was shocked to learn that 1.5 million children die each year due to the lack of safe, effective vaccines. Anurudh created VAXXWAGON, an innovative, eco-friendly "No Ice, No Electric" active refrigeration system capable of delivering vaccines to remote locations worldwide, conserving water and electricity in the process.

He is a Global Finalist in the 2015 Google Science Fair and is the winner of the University of Maryland’s "Innovate 4 Health Challenge”. Anurudh is focused on creating the most effective ways for VAXXWAGON to save as many lives as possible throughout the world.