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Project: Blackboard Africa

Basic Human Needs: Education

As a 17-year-old social entrepreneur and emerging creative, Amonge Sinxoto had a burning desire to develop a platform that authentically represents what it means to be an African youth in the 21st century. She grew tired of African stories being narrated inaccurately and believed it was the responsibility of youth to shift the narrative on social and post-apartheid issues in new directions. In 2016, Amonge co-founded, and became creative curator, of Blackboard Africa, a youth led non-profit organization that aims to empower the next generation of leaders through mentorship and leadership development. Since its inception, Blackboard Africa has hosted numerous youth seminars and workshops across South Africa on social entrepreneurship, youth activism, leadership and mentorship, and activated vibrant digital social campaigns. Amonge has represented the organization’s work at regional and global platforms such as: Global Citizen, TEDx, Black Girls Lead, Breaking Down Borders Africa, Google, Facebook Child Safety Summit, Global First Ladies Alliance Conference, Black Girls Rock with former US First Lady, Michelle Obama and UNICEF’s Voices of Youth. She hopes to develop and expand the organization to establish Blackboard Africa as the content hub and major voice of African youth on the continent.