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Allie Hoffman

Allie's career began in Cambodia, at the age of 21. While at the Cambodian Children's Fund, she helped grow the organization's fundraising by 50% over the previous year. She went on to start a social enterprise called the Pari Project, which provided an array of fundraising, marketing and organizational development services to grassroots NGOs. At its height, Pari employed 16 and served over 50 organizations.

Upon returning to the States, Allie's work focused on the intersection of art, activism + media. In 2014, she co-founded Gender Proud with Geena Rocero; that same year, she partnered with Brittany Maynard on a campaign to advance right to die laws, which went hyper-viral.

In early 2015, Allie launched Start from Here, a campaign that aims to alleviate youth homelessness through the power of media. Also in 2015, she created a campaign that partnered Alicia Keys with #cut50, in an effort to advance the criminal justice reform movement. Equality Equation was formerly established in August 2016; since then, it’s grown by 20% month over month.To date, Allie's work has been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, People Magazine, the Guardian, TIME, Upworthy,, Fusion, LogoTV and the Huffington Post, amongst many others. Allie’s work has been recognized by GLAAD, the Shorty Awards, the World Entrepreneurship Forum, the UNESCO Forum for Human Rights, the Association of LGBTQ Journalists and the Society of Professional Journalists.