Kai Kloepfer USA, 19

project: Biofire Technologies
basic human NEEDS: SAFETY

Theme Song: "No Idea" - Kai Kloepfer

As a citizen of Colorado, Kai saw the profound impact the 2012 Aurora Theater shooting had on his community. He decided to take action to try and prevent the thousands of lives taken each year by firearms. As Founder of Biofire Technologies, Kai has spent the last four years developing smart gun technology to combat such tragedies. The very first of its kind, the smart gun has an advanced sensor that only the owner’s fingerprint can unlock for use. Kai has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes, CBS News and Business Insider, as well as a viral video with more than 30 million views.

His original prototype earned Kai the Grand Award at the 2013 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair and the best engineering project from the United States, placing in the top 34 out of 7 million students in the Fair. As the very first innovator chosen by Silicon Valley’s Smart Tech Challenges Foundation, he won a $50,000 grant, which he used to develop his current model. Now that smart guns are a subject of executive actions and national conversation, Kai is determined to advance his technology. While currently attending MIT, Kai is solidifying a Biofire Technologies team and raising the funds to take his product to market nationwide.