Hassan Deadewai Swaray Sierra Leone, 18

project: Rechargeable Solar Light
basich human NEEDS: Education

Theme Song: “All Things Go” by Nicki Minaj

In Hassan’s home of Sierra Leone, more than 70% of high school students fail their exams to graduate. In a community where less than 10% of homes have access to electricity, the primary barrier to students’ success is their lack of light to study at night. Using only found waste, Hassan designed a low cost portable solar light. Since his invention recycles trash, Hassan hopes to address not only the challenge of education in his community, but pollution as well. Furthermore, as more young people receive an education, the high rates of crime and teenage pregnancy will decrease as well. Hassan has manufactured and provided 20 lights to students in his community who had previously engaged in nonconstructive behavior at night.

Last year, a previous model of his light was a GMin Innovate Salon winning project. Driven to create social change, Hassan has also created two documentaries to spread awareness and represent underserved, stigmatized populations. Working on an improved design of his solar light, he expects to bring the product to market this year. With the profits, he plans to open a tech company where he can develop and provide these lights and other technology to improve lives worldwide.