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Averina Suwana INDONESIA, 17

Project: Indonesia Sehat Foundation
Basic Human Needs: Education, Food, Health

As Averina was preparing for her medical school entrance exam, her eyes were opened to the prevalence of malnourished families and the disparity of healthcare access in her country of Indonesia. Families living in impoverished areas lacked basic knowledge of sanitation, nutrition and access to adequate healthcare and supplies. Determined to enlighten and advocate for them, she founded Indonesia Sehat Foundation, an organization that provides interactive education to rural schools on hygiene and nutrition, distributes nutritious local foods and hygiene products, and spreads awareness about the need for healthcare. They have engaged more than 20 schools throughout Indonesia, and Averina has personally worked with more than 5,000 students and 300 mothers to improve their health and wellbeing. As a consequence of the organization’s outreach, communities have gained assistance from local doctors and healthcare supplies free of charge. Averina hopes that Indonesia Sehat Foundation’s work will help decrease the rate of childhood malnutrition, leading to greater cognitive development and awareness of how to maintain healthy lifestyles. In the future, Averina plans to partner with health organizations to bring innovative technology into the communities where she works to address early detection of prevalent illnesses, and increase vaccination for disease prevention.